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Grey Snowscape for Holmfirth: Warning of More Heavy Snow Tonight

Latest snow shots (snapped Sun Jan 20) of extremely grey, flat landscapes round Holmfirth, most of the above are on the hills above Holmbridge. The latest forecast is for non-stop heavy snow tonight right into tomorrow morning. Brrr! Wrap up and take care on the roads.

Your Tourist Top Tens: A Great Holmfirth Day Out?

Among the most popular emailed visitor questions to is:

Q/ We’re due to arrive in Holmfirth mid morning and wonder if you can make any recommendations for an itinerary to make a really great day out?

A/ OK. Best bet, by far, is to head straight to the Tourist Information Centre, next to the library, near the traffic lights. Here the friendly staff will not only help you with plenty of ideas but there are plenty of leaflets with suggestions.  It all depends what you’re into.  When I was showing some Australian visitors round recently, they enjoyed calling at a coffee shop for toasted teacakes followed by a short guided walk round the town (I told them about the floods and threw in few ghost stories) followed by lunch at a pub in front of roaring coal fire. They loved that.  They had never seen “Last of the Summer Wine” before (which used to be filmed here for those who were not aware!) but were  still enthralled with Sid’s Cafe and Colin’s engaging Location Tour Bus.  They spent the remaining part of the afternoon exploring the shops.  However, I’ve entertained guests before who were more interested in some of the fabulous walks which start and finish from Holmfirth – and again the TIC shop has a large collection of books with suggested walks.

Email Tip:  R.J writes: Everyone has their favourite coffee and ice cream shops but when we’re in Holmfirth we seem to spend forever in Longley’s.  We love the lattes while the kids absolutely adore the ice cream.

Email Tip: Just to let you know we had a most fabulous afternoon and evening in Holmfirth – despite the wet weather.  What did we get up to? After visiting a few shops we had a really delicious meal in the Bengal Spice restaurant and then, purely by lucky, we ended up seeing a first class Eagles tribute band in the Picturedrome. We did not even know the performance was on! It was a great night and such a lucky fluke! (Thanks Rob Beddoes, Uppermill).

Email Tip: Nancy Ciaffone emailed: If you would like some more suggestions about what to do when visiting Holmfirth, use my web journal. Not only would I not mind, I’d be thrilled if you posted the link so everyone can have as wonderful a time as we did.” (Holmfirth photo above courtesy of Nancy).

Email Tip: “Its simple. Head for the Nook and stay there all day trying their hand-pulled beers…”

Your Tourist Top Tens: Arriving in Holmfirth by Car

Among the most popular emailed visitor questions to is:

Q/  Where should I park my car and is there any way of avoiding car parking charges?

A/ Oh how we wish we could avoid parking charges! Even locals have to pay in Holmfirth! There are a number of small “shopper” car parks dotted around the town, including the Bus Station/Post Office car park in the centre, but the best, by far, is the huge Crown Bottom Car Park, next to the Co-op car park, just off Huddersfield Road. The charges start at 20p for up to 30 minutes, 40p for one hour and 60p for two  hour, plus you can get some of your money back if you grab a few things at the co-op. What’s more the car park is very convenient for the centre and the shops, with a nice stroll in along the path next the river.

Email Tip: Thanks for the tip from Richard Longley who says he and his family prefer to park on the main road between Holmfirth and Holmbridge. “The road is quite wide in places so it is safe and quiet to park here. Apart from avoiding car parking charges – and having to rush back early if your time is up – it is always so nice and pleasant to stroll into town, combine it with a 20 minute walk. Plus there’s the benfit of being able to pop up to Compo’s Cafe for a fish butty before the long journey home..!”

Your Tourist Top Tens: Visiting Holmfirth By Bus?

One of the most popular emailed visitor questions to is:

Q/ What is the best way to visit Holmfirth using public transport?

A/ Okay, in a nutshell.  East Coast Line, train to Wakefield Westgate station, hop on the free bus to Wakefield Bus Station then the 435/436 bus direct to Holmfirth which should take about an hour. Or, from Huddersfield rail station (Trans Pennine Route etc) there are a number of regular routes into Holmfirth including 301, 312, X11 and X13.  All the above buses take you straight to Holmfirth Bus Station - use the link to find out more details. Also, see the info on the Holmfirth and Meltham Connection services.

Email Tip: Regular Holmfirth visitor Gerald Walsh says in en email to Holmfirth: “My favorite route from my home city of Manchester is the train to Marsden, then hop on the 937 to Holmfirth. Its a spectaular way to approach Holmfirth, the scenery is far more interesting than travelling via Huddersfield, and sets the mood for an interesting day in Holmfirth. Depending on the wather, I sometimes I get off a few steps earlier for a delightful walk into Holmfirth.”

Email Tip:  Thanks for the tip from “active pensioner” Douglas H, who says:  “We often ask at Huddersfield Railway Station if there are a few getting the bus for Holmfirth. If so, I have the number for a local mini cab service which can deliver a small  group into Holmfirth, quickly and conveniently, for only £2 each!”

Your Tourist Top Tens: When is the Best Time to Visit Holmfirth?

One of the most popular emailed visitor questions to is:

Q/ When is the best time to visit Holmfirth?

A/ The simple answer – anytime! Holmfirth is a fabulous place to visit at any time of the year.  The Valley’s outstanding scenery and countryside can only be thoroughly enjoyed by experiencing it through the various seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter.  The colder seasons are reflected in the memorable qualities of autumnal landscapes, breathtaking snowscapes and crisy, icy walks – plus the promise of a cosy pub or a coffee bar at the end of your trek.  Summer speaks for itself when parts of the Valley, particularly on the tops above the forests and resevoirs – are sparkling under an endless blue sky. The friendly litte shops and galleries are always a pleasure to visit anytime of year.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking Holmfirth is a place to visit only when the sun is shining

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