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Valley’s Cutting-Edge Facebook Sites

The Holme Valley is going Facebook crazy.

Thanks for the email from Hade Edge’s Kerry Sykes who has launched a Facebook what’s on calender – Locals can promote their own events and find out what’s going on, and read comments about the Valley.

Meanwhile Kirklees Council has contacted the Holmfirth website asking us to help promote their Facebook pages which also feature regular updates in and around the Holme Valley –

Local bobbies are also getting on the Facebook beat! ValleysNPT (which stands for Neighbourhood Police Team) joined Facebook and Twitter about a month ago. They said: “The Valleys NPT are now on Facebook and Twitter, why not follow us and see what were doing to make The Valleys a safer place to live and work.

Their latest updates on Facebook report on pub checks in Holmfirth “Tonight we’ve been out with Kirklees trading standards doing licensing checks in Holmfirth. 6 pubs were checked, 3 passed, unfortunately 3 failed. Those that failed were given penalty notices and their licence’s will be reviewed.”

Join the action on their Facebook page. Google them via Facebook Valleys NPT.

Holme Valley Review a “reet riveting read”

More readers have got in touch following the latest issue of the Holme Valley Review  newspaper which is currently being pushed through residents’ letterboxes.

Our community website has no connection with the popular little paper but has always supported the notion of a regular newspaper for the Holme Valley. Like the content on our website, the paper’s news and information will only help to strengthen and promote a thriving Valley community.

An email from one reader, R. Symonds, of Netherton, described the latest February issue in broad Yorkshire terms as a “reet riverting read”. “The February issue has just arrived and its an interesting read from cover to cover,” he said.

“Newspapers like this are so important and are a symbol of a thriving community on the up. To quote my grandfather, who lived all his life in Holmfirth, it’s a “reet riverting read”.

An email from Jackie Fisher who described herself as a “local news junkie” said the sort of news featured in the paper would otherwise never get told.

“It reminds me so much of Holmfirth’s last local paper, The Express, which my aunt used to so look forward to every Friday. She was so upset when it folded a few years ago.

“My only complain is that the Review is monthly, really it needs to be more regular than that to get a good local footing.”

This month’s issue is splashed with the story everyone is talking about “Lidl gets go ahead for Supermarket in Holmfirth”. Inside the paper, history students at Holmfirth High are calling for a blue plaque in recognition of 18th century anti-slave trade campaigner Olaudah Equiano, who visited Huddersfield at least once.

Page five reports how Gary Naylor of the once popular walk n talks in Holmfirth, has released a tourist DVD for visiting coach parties, which he hopes will help to see a resurgence in tourists to the Valley.

Meanwhile, staff at popular Holmfirth computer shop PC Specialist Ltd, have proved they are “no geeks” by baring all for a charity calendar.

Local Agenda for Valleys Area Group

The next meeting of the Valleys Area Committee will be held at Holmfirth Civic Hall on February 9 and the meeting will start at 7pm.

 On the agenda will be an update by Pennine Prospects on its regeneration and environmental works across the Colne and Holme Valleys.  Pennine Prospects is owned by the key local authorities, water companies, Natural England and voluntary/community sector and builds upon the work carried out over the last 20 years  by the Standing Conference of South Pennine Authorities (SCOSPA).
Finally, the area committee meeting will also hear about Yorkshire Water’s proposed improvement works at Butterley Reservoir, Marsden plus an update on neighbourhood policing.

Energy Saving Bid Could Impact on Valley Streetlights

Parts of the Holme Valley could be plunged into darkness as part of an energy-saving Kirklees-wide pilot to switch off 2000 street lamps every midnight.

The trial, which will start soon, will save approximately £20,000 in energy costs each year or an average of £10 per light and about £10,000 in maintenance costs per year. Under the project, lamps will be turned off every night at midnight and then back on again at 5am.

 There are over 51,000 street lights in Kirklees and current energy costs are £1.8m per year (48% of the street lighting maintenance budget).  If energy used remains constant and the predicted inflation rates occur, then the annual street lighting energy budget will rise to about £2.9m by 2015 (90% of the street lighting maintenance budget).

 Last year a programme for replacing all the streetlights in Kirklees was put together but the funding needed was not forthcoming to carry out the programme.  As a result, other options were looked at including cost savings.

The possibility of switching off streetlights came from a local resident during a discussion about budgets.  As a result of this a specific discussion was started using the online ‘mykirklees’ site to see if people would be for or against the idea.  Local residents got involved and shaped the idea from switching off, to switching off for part of the night and considering times and locations where this could be tried out.

 Councillors have been asked to suggest an average of 77 streelights per ward to be included in the trial and these are in the process of being selected.

 Cllr David Sheard, Cabinet member for Streetscene, said: “If recommendations for suitable streetlights for the trial are not forthcoming from local councillors, highway officers will make the choice. “

Local Venues Revealed for Dramatic “Playing Safe” Shows

A new acting troupe made up of people working with community organisations, volunteers and carers are to put on a sequence of shows in South Kirklees - with the nearest location to the Holme Valley at Slaithwaite, on February 28 – 1.30pm in The Lounge, Colne Valley Leisure Centre, and nearby Kirkburton, on March 6 – 2pm at the Hub. 

The Kirklees Safeguarding Adults board has been working with its partners to develop the ‘Playing Safe’ acting troupe which is touring Kirklees in Spring 2012 with performances that highlight safeguarding issues.  It is funded by Kirklees Council Community Partnerships.

The participants took part in 14 weeks of acting workshops at the Lawrence Batley Theatre to create the show.  They built up their acting skills using script, improvisation and audience participation.  The workshops and performances have been facilitated by Cathy Denford and actors from the Risky Things Theatre Company which has been running successful safeguarding projects in Kirklees for some years including live drama and film/DVD projects performing alongside local actors from the community. 

Playing Safe will stage seven performances at community venues across Kirklees which aim to raise awareness about the risks of abuse that may exist for vulnerable people.

More details at

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