Hedge Laying Shelley Boost

Traditional Hedge Laying at Nearby Shelley

Traditional Hedge Laying at Nearby Shelley

Across at nearby Shelley, a team of volunteers from Cummins Turbo Technologies have been doing their bit for the environment while learning the traditional skill of hedge laying under the tuition of the Denby Dale Parish Countryside Project.

The team of 11 from various departments within the company used an assortment of billhooks (a traditional tool used in woodland management), axes, loppers and bow saws to lay part of the hedge which surrounds Shelley College.

Hedge-laying is the process of almost cutting through the main stem of a hedge plant until it is weakened enough to lay over while keeping a small sliver of the stem intact to allow nutrients to flow keeping the plant alive. The laying of the hedge while looking destructive will actually prolong the life of the hedge and make it more wildlife friendly.

The task was put together by Andy Wickham, Countryside Officer for Denby Dale Parish, who told the Holmfirth website: “The team did a great job laying the hedge. It is not as easy as it looks and this was the first time the volunteers had had a go at this traditional skill. For many of them it was the first time they had heard of hedge-laying. After this experience one of the volunteers wanted to try more hedge-laying on their garden hedge”

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