Life After the Fall – by Holmfirth Writer David Walker

David WalkerThe late winter deluge ended with the thaw still some time away. The rats reclaimed their runs. The workers upped their daily routines to normal speed. Fewer enthusiasts walked and sledged on the hills.

An excellent moment. Warm sun, clear skies and bitingly cold winds. Upperthong, Cartworth Moor, Crow Hill and Holmbridge had turned into The Arctic; fantastic and familiar but different, looking at something you know from a different point of view.

A white wilderness. Unpassable paths. Walking on wall toppings. Falling and sliding into snowdrifts and sticky gullies. Vulnerable on stiles. Curlews (pictured). Hinchliffe Mill’s favourite watering-hole.

Then it’s a memory.

The temperature staggers to a staggering 1 or 2 degrees, heralding the onset of knuckle abrasions, dirty fingernails, blisters and backache. Gardens with attitude are fighting back.

Editor’s Footnote:  Many thanks David for your contributions to the Holmfirth website. Incidentally, temperatures could be as high as 20c in some parts of the country this coming Sunday but only about 14c in Holmfirth according to BBC Weather.  Time to break out the BBQ??

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